BALAJI is basically an engineer by profession, a sportsman by heart and now a certified trainer by passion. To begin with his career, he is basically a rubber and plastic engineer from a prestigious university. Since his childhood, in every phase of his life he has had cricket as his passion and thus fitness.

Balaji found his passion as he was focusing on his personal fitness. Every time when he hit the gym, he found what it could be to be a great trainer . Perfection is attached with everything he does. So thus passion with perfection made him complete his Amercian Council of Exercise certificate examination conducted by the US.

It is his sincerity he dedicates himself to make everyone stay healthy and fit. He is a young energetic fun-filled guy who is soft by nature. He aims at getting the best out of a person. When his words are valued, then the results are seen clearly. He aspires to become a good fitness trainer and go levels up with the support of PEAK health studio.